Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Making a Cuppa

Last weekend, after a big Saturday night of partying, I couldn't sleep. 
So, just before 5am, I took off for home, prepared to put my insomnia to use & get the housework, etc done.

On the way though, I thought of Mum. I hadn't seen her for a few days (unusual for us) so I decided to call & see if she felt like an early morning cuppa. I woke her up. She loved it. 
10 minutes later I came barreling into my childhood home, noisy & full of energy on a Sunday morning. My Step-Dad, Bob, loved it too. 
I made the early morning disturbance up to them by grabbing the morning paper on my way in. Hehe.
I lived in this house from birth until I was almost 19. It will always be home. I always feel like I can go there, I know where everything is & still have the mindless habit of checking the pantry or fridge for something to munch on - though, since I've left, there is no longer anything I would ever eat.
I went about making Mum, Bob & I a cuppa while they dragged themselves out of bed. Growing up, I would make my breakfast cup of tea with the sun coming through the kitchen blinds, listening to the birds chirp while surrounded by the smell of the morning -always fresh & relaxing at Mum's. It had been a long time since I had done this! Nostalgia set in... I was overcome with the urge to cry. This was, at one point in my life, complete happiness & contentment. I was suddenly 12, gearing up for a chapter of Harry Potter & Vegimite Toast before school time.
The moment seemed to go as quickly as it came... Leaving such a light, happy feeling in it's wake. For something that had happened in a matter of seconds, it made a lasting impression in my mind & spirit.
There was a sense of wholeness & rightness to doing this very simple task, in this place, at this time of day.

So, is it just me or have others had experiences like this? What was yours?


  1. Just love it when you drop in Ash..so happy to hear that your childhood memories leave you with such warm,happy and content feelings..I miss those special days and that gorgeous girl (we didn't realise how special they were at the time) Always remember wherever I call home..it is your home too.You are always more than welcome to call in at anytime for a cuppa..or anything else you want..love you very much my Ashleigh Kate x

  2. Ash, this bought tears to my eyes! I think we all have those special times we look back on that fill us with good memories. I love being at Mums too, I think that feeling will follow wherever she goes. I had a passing thought the last time I was there, so strange to think my own daughter was in the home I grew up in! Love you Ash x