Friday, 14 September 2012

Some time in Moura...

In my bulk of time off, I knew I wanted to fit in driving out & visiting my cousin, Chris, in Moura.

Kick-Ass Road-Trip Care Package!


So, with a new stereo installed in Betty, a 3am start & one kick-ass "Road-Trip Care Package" from my beautiful sister... I was off.

Sunrise on the road

7 & a half hours, 620km, one speeding fine & a spectacular sunrise later, I was there - guzzling down some much needed coffee & while Chris was at work, meeting up with his wife, Jo & their baby boy, Ken. 


Over the next 4 days I spent my time enjoying Moura life - taking a trip to the one & only shop in town to stock up on nibblies & reading material while enjoying the absolute quiet that came with the middle-of-nowhere spot.

 Most nights we had dinner out the back. It was extremely relaxing to have a few drinks, fill our stomachs & chat by the warmth & light of the fire.

  I also went out in the truck with my Uncle Gary & stopped at the quarry Chris manages to have a look & take in a bit of their every-day.

In the truck
The Quarry

Jake & I

 At the moment, my younger cousin, Jake, is staying up in Moura too, so I got to annoy him a bit...


Uncle Gary, Hazey & I having a few drinks.


My last night there called for dinner at the Bowls Club. A buffet dinner, a few rounds of pool & complete control of the Juke Box made for a very enjoyable night.


 It was a fun trip, so nice to see family, meet new people & experience some new things... with a total of 15 hours on the road, where my car became my personal opera hall & Ice Break bottles piled up on the floor... It was very much my cup of tea & I'll be doing it again as soon as I can.

What road-trips have you taken recently? Where to & why? What did you do?

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