Friday, 1 February 2013

Bob the Gnome

Instagram has become a staple in my every day. I check it addictively... I absolutely LOVE it. Seeing the world through other peoples eyes, having a little slice of their life become part of mine gives my spirits a lift. There are a few people I have chosen to follow, having come across their photos & found them interesting or just nice to look at.

One such Instagrammer I follow is Bob the Travelling Gnome (@BOB_THE_GNOME).

I've been following Bob for about 6 weeks now & every time he has popped up in my feed I have been overcome with giggles. This little guy is an ornament. I know this, but no longer can I feel like the photographer behind the photos is experiencing these life events - Bob is. It's a little quirky, a little different & not only are the photos lovely but it allows a spark of imagination, a hint of humour & a lift of the heart.

This is my favourite photo of Bob, making a snow angel on New Years in 'The Heavenly Village', near a Ski Resort on the border of California & Nevada, USA. I am pretty jealous of Bob. At 22 years old I have been raised in QueenslandAustralia & I have still never seen one flake of snow. I've been inspired to see it more than ever now - and yes, I will be making a snow angel.

For now, I look forward to seeing much more of Bob on my Instagram feed. I hope he has fun on his travels & maybe one day hits the tarmac down under - I'd love to see Bob on the steps of the Opera House...

Are you a fellow instagrammer? Got anyone you love to see on your feed?

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