Wednesday, 9 January 2013


This is my Mum. My sweet old Mum. Innocent, caring, tough as nails. She has always been a protector & someone I would never dream of crossing for any reason.

And then, there are Green Tree Frogs.
These sweet, slimy, green hopping creatures somehow transform my Mum into a raging lunatic.

I remember as a young child, when my brother's used to work the late shift at our local KFC, my Mum would have to go pick them up at something like 11pm. I would be roused from my sleep to get the frogs/toads off the back porch so that Mum could get safely to the car. I never minded & at the time it never occurred to me that no-one else practiced this for the sake of being a few more meters away from a frog.
As time has gone on & the practical jokes have been laid... (by older brothers, of course) I have come to realise that Mum isn't just grossed out or icky around these guys - she has a full-blown phobia. I asked her one day when this had started & if anything had triggered it. She re-counted for me her first frog-related experience:

 Back in the day, when Mum was a kid living in Casino, she was shutting the bedroom window - no security screens or fly screens back then - just a pull down panel. So as dear old Mumsy stretched her arms up high to shut her window, a lovely big green-tree frog jumped right inside onto Mum's chest.
I still can't help it - the mental imagery is priceless. But there was more.
It seems that Mum's phobia was a well known fact in the Casino community. This next story is one of my favourites from my Mum's childhood. I love watching her giggle into her hand & her eyes go wide as the memory plays behind her eyes

My Mum lived not far from her school & went home for lunch on this particular day with a friend, Robyn. Upon returning to class, Mum was a little suspect about the behavior of her fellow classmates & she felt something was awry - every time she tells the story these few words are always the same, "Someone was looking out for me that day" - for, as Mum sat pondering what trap had been laid for her, a classmate at her desk asked for a pencil - Mum handed over her pencil case eagerly. The poor girl unzipped the pencil case & proceeded to dive both hands into the contents of the case, disturbing the secretly planted Green Tree Frog within. Now Mum swears they are bigger in Casino, I'm not sure whether that is false over-imagination of a frog-phobic person or the truth.

For some reason, although these stories are scary & gross as I know how full-on Mum's phobia is... I love them. They are a part of my Mum's life that I feel like I was present for & something I will forever remember.

What's a phobia of yours or someone you know - any funny/memorable stories?

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