Wednesday, 28 November 2012

The family you choose for yourself…

I have always held my friends just as close to me as my family. Only certain ones, of course…
Each of them play a different role in my life, just as each of them have their own habits & talents that make them all the more special to me.
These are the people I choose to think of every day, even if I don’t talk to them as often…

My Girly Friend: 
Since high school (and a few years beyond that), Bek & I rarely seen each other. Recently though, we have caught up & realised that in each others absence we have become all the more compatible & our friendship has definitely blossomed. Girly catch-ups of silly chitchat & constant giggles have kept us busy ever since. 
Bek has always been 100% focused on what she wants & goes well out of her way to get it. Recently she’s been chosen to travel to places like Hong Kong & soon Florida for her field of expertise: IT. A whole lot of meaningless jibberish to me but she has fast made her way in the career avenue of life & as her friend I couldn’t be more proud of the life she has made for herself & the work she has put into it. Looking forward to making many more girly memories with this lovely lady.

The Impact Friend
I met Doug in Grade 11 of high school. He was the cause of many girls swooning throughout our senior years & I was the odd one out: he is a very handsome chap, but for me he was like a brother. After graduation, Doug & I maintained our friendship through group outings, going to see the odd movie & a whole lot of coffee dates. Driven & intelligent, Doug has always had enthusiasm & determination leading to career & life accomplishments that still amaze me. I’m sure he is unaware, but as my friend, Doug has given me quite the headache. His passion for being more in life & his opinions on some of my life choices have made gulp & question myself like crazy. But after some thought & a lot of time, I have come to believe (and I do hope I am right!) that Doug doesn’t give time or emotion to people lightly, but he had given the time to let me know what he though was wrong. So I hope that although his life is super busy, that we still have our coffees & make time to catch up. Either way I will always remember the impact of the words (or lack thereof) of a very wise friend.

Hard times reveal true friends:
Mel & Chris have been together since high school & now, you don’t get one without the other. The first to offer me a place to stay in bad times & the kind of friends I can not see for 6 months, sometimes more & still be completely myself with when I do. This year they moved up to Morayfield, an hour away from home & have started a life together there. I can’t thank these two enough for being a pretty pivotal point in a very hard time for me, their acceptance & love is something that is hard to come by. So no matter how old we get or how far away we live I will always make time for this pair & hope that if they ever need the same help, they know that my ears & home are always open to them. Love you guys xo

This guy:
Davis & I have a strange relationship that I love. He seems to understand where I am at, without to much need for talking & vice-versa. I’m not sure I could be more comfortable or less offended by anyone, (not through his lack of trying). Davis was the guy I first ever dated. Notable for the fact that the usually boorish, pain-in-the ass boy of the group took me on this date & proceeded to not say a word pretty well the whole time. I’ll never let him live it down. We catch up randomly & mostly to update each other on necessaries & then chill in each others company. Although he doesn't seem aware of it, he has done a lot of amazing things in his time, traveled near & far, making friends wherever he treads. Having the guts to risk things most people wouldn't dream of to chase an idea. I am proud of this guy for the person he is & the things he has accomplished. There is so much more to come & I am looking forward to seeing all of it.

My Best Friend:
Meeting Lana through an ex-boyfriend & a bad relationship was extremely difficult for the both of us. But it also proved to be a staple in our friendship – I knew everything she said was honest, well-intended & that she was my friend because she wanted to be. When I first met Lana, I was terribly intimidated by her. She is tough as nails, knows what she wants & has no problem laying it on the table. In the few short years that we have been friends, we have been through a hell of a lot. The only person on the planet that knows what I actually thing & feel 100% of the time & the one person who can calm me down & cheer me up over just a few text messages. Our shared love of nerdy things keeps us constantly nattering away & the knowledge that we accept each other entirely (we're both a little different) keeps us forever strong. I hope that a few years turns into a lifetime.

My forever friend:
It’s been 17 years since I first met Cass in a dancing class. From the second grade we went through most of our school years together, until Cass changed high schools in our senior years & I didn’t see her for a very long time. It took us a few years to catch up after that. High school was over & we had both started living our lives. I was excited to see her when we first caught up but for some reason nervous as hell. But it proved to be a silly notion, although we had changed in some ways, we were still those little girls way down inside & there was instant comfort & familiarity in her company. We have caught up a bit more often since then, always for wanting to, as no matter how much time we spend apart, our friendship is one that falls back into place as if no time has passed at all. Cass is one of the most amazing women I have ever met: Beautiful, independent & thoughtful beyond comparison. I am looking forward to the many stages of our lives that I truly believe we will share, whether they be days or years apart.

Who are the people in your life you choose to be your family?

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