Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Just for fun...

Growing up, Halloween was never something we celebrated. I never minded. Where I grew up, that was more of a blessing than a hindrance.

As I got older though, something like 11 or 12, my best friend at the time, Alyssa, was all for celebrating the holiday. Alyssa’s Mum was a whole other sort of relaxed & let us trick-or-treat without the knowledge of my Mum… Basically, she covered for me. (SORRY MUM!) At the time that was super badass & I couldn’t help but love the woman. Now, being an adult & having nieces in their early teens, I choke at the thought of them doing the same.

So, apart from the couple of times that I trick-or-treated with Alyssa, Halloween never touched my radar… Until about 3 years ago. With so many nieces & nephews running around it was just another reason to dress-up, spoil & spend time with all of the little cherubs I love so much!

This year, with Halloween falling mid-week it was a little harder to celebrate. Since most of the kids are too little for trick-or-treating, I made them each a little care package with Halloween-themed toys & a few yummy treats… With my witches hat on & a full tank in Betty, I made the rounds to each house & received very warm reception from all the kids… I even got a few treats myself along the way!

Besides that, this is the first year I have celebrated Halloween as an adult.
A friend celebrated his 27th Birthday on the weekend prior to Halloween. And so, it was Halloween themed. We decorated, we dressed up & most importantly, we carved pumpkins… Something I always wanted to do. I went for the classic face but that was just part of the draw for me.

So now I have a whole new reason to celebrate Halloween. Not just for the kids, seeing them enjoy this crazy event, but for myself. I’ll be carving a lot more pumpkins in the years to come & dressing up both for the kids & for the adult celebrations. Just for fun!

What’s your take on Halloween? Are you a fellow celebrator or is it lights doused & TV muted?

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