Monday, 27 August 2012


I went exploring this past weekend. Just out the backyard of a friends place for a little less than an hour but it was fantastic!
I felt like a kid again, peeking around doors & corners before venturing onward. A little spark of excitement each time I came across something that peaked my interest. Jumping any time something tickled my skin that felt like a possible creepy crawly; giggling at myself when it was a simple weed.

These are a few of the discoveries that made me smile...

I also made a few friends in the paddock...

I've made a promise to myself that I will explore more often in places I wouldn't normally think to. It's liberating, exciting & relaxing. Also a great opportunity to get some awesome snaps!

Have you done any exploring lately? Where were you & what did you find? 


  1. Great shots of your little adventure! Looking forward to photos from your upcoming roadtrip! x

  2. Just love your photos Ash..glad you enjoyed the time you took to explore something new...X X