Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Being Aunty Ash

I love being an Aunty... to all of the 6 nephews & 5 nieces that I have.
It is so much fun watching them grow up & form their own little personalities. 
Birthday & Christmas celebrations are the best! Watching all of their faces light up with the excitement of presents & cake & Santa. 
I won't lie, I have a tendency to spoil them all rotten with random gifts, outings to the movies, to the zoo or simply a sleep-over. I absolutely love them.

This was a moment I managed to capture today (whilst fumbling with my camera, handbag & camera-bag). Three of the kids attend the same school & it was their Book Parade today. Myself & my trusty camera were there, capturing as much of the event as possible. As Jack's class was walking from the classroom to the parade hall, he insisted on holding my hand for most of the short journey.

You know that big balloon feeling that wells up in your chest when you feel excited & happy? Well, that's what I had the whole time Jack had my hand before tearing off in his Batman cape to join the fray of students in the hall.

What more can I say? I LOVE IT!

What about you? Any nieces & nephews? Fun experiences you remember having with your own nieces/nephews, or that you had with your Aunt/Uncle?


  1. Oh Ash...a beautiful post! The kids could not ask for a more caring and generous Aunty!!! You do spoil them! With not only gifts but lots of love...and as a Mum I cannot thank you enough for the precious memories you catch on your camera, they will be treasured for a long time to come xxxx

  2. This is so lovely Ash...the kids are so lucky to have such a special and caring 'Aunty Ash' you X