Friday, 1 June 2012

Asbestos & Owl Mugs...

My beautiful Mumsy is always thinking of every little thing.

Poor Mum was so excited she was getting a brand spanking new bath put in this week! Mum & I had BIG plans for this new bath. You see, I love baths, so Mum was going to let me test her new one out. We were gearing up for a salmon rissole dinner to precede this exciting event.

Sadly, when the workmen came to fit this new beauty, they found asbestos in the bathroom wall. 

So, for the entire week, Mum has been sealed off from her bathroom, having to go here & there for showers & when she wasn't able to make it to someones house - having a scrub from the laundry sink. Not to mention the workmen in & out of the house. Although needing these fellas to do the job, in the recent rain, she has had quite a clean up job day after day when they leave the house.

After a week of stress & being demanded at home to let workmen in & then ordered out of the way all day, Mum has felt a little unsettled not being able to relax in her home.

Despite all of this, she has, as always, still managed to keep up with her 6 kids & 11 grandchildren, brightening up my sisters dining room with some gorgeous yellow roses this morning & then buying me a special present today...

I am holding a girls morning tea in a couple of weeks at my house & unsure of how well stocked my cupboard was with cups for the occasion, Mum picked me up this gorgeous set of owl printed mugs!

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